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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Playing in Phalaborwa

I have had some really nice opportunities these past year to practise and test my new camera on various friends and family and I absolutely loved it! From my two little angels through to my dear friends!

here I would like to share some recent shots of Duncan and Joshua.
Duncan is a year and a half now and little Josh three...
On our Christmas holiday we had some really good experiences, meeting a Mopani Worm for the first time,
sharing a kiss with our friend "the frog" on Bryans dad's farm.... must say had a really good laugh when Josh and Duncan got a very close encounter with our friend...

which was very funny in the end, for Kim also almost turned our frog into a prince!
Then for one second I could quickly catch a caption of our beautiful Duncan looking down where every part of beauty was shown....